Treadway Toomey Modern Design Auction Catalogs

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Treadway Toomey is a partnership between Cincinnati, OH based Treadway Gallery, specializing in American Arts & Crafts and 1950s decorative art, and Oak Park, IL based John Toomey Gallery, specialists in 20th Century design. With Wright, Rago, and a handful of other houses, Treadway / Toomey is one of the most important independent auction houses specializing in 20th Century art & design. These three catalogs are full of the best of Treadway Toomey’s area of specialty.

“Arts & Crafts, Fine Art, Modern Design” 6.4.16
“Arts & Crafts, Fine Art, Modern Design” 3.5.16
“Arts & Crafts, Fine Paintings, 1950s/Modern” 9.15.12