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Italian Plastic Toucan lamp by Old Timer Ferrari (Italy 1968)


Released in 1968, this Italian Modern plastic desk lamp by Old Timer Ferrari of Verona, Italy has a green body, orange beak, yellow feet and eye with a black pupil. By opening and closing the beak, the light can be dimmed or brightened, or the lamp can be closed for storage. When open, the abstract shades of plastic join together to be a Toucan.

In great vintage condition with no cracks or refinishing. Beak is a little tight to open when closed, but with a couple tries you’ll figure out the trick. (This is an issue with all of the lamps of this design.) Uses a normal E14 bulb, fully functional and original.

Perfect for a child’s bedroom, an adult’s desk, or anyone's living room.

3.75” x 4.5” x 8”