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IMG_3352 squared.jpg
IMG_3352 squared.jpg

Vintage Art Menagers poster


A poster by French artist Francis Bernard (1900-1979) for the Arts Ménagers exhibition at the Palais de la Défense in suburban Paris. The Salon des Arts Ménagers was an annual exhibition in Paris of domestic appliances, furniture and home designs. It was first held in 1923, with 100,000 visitors, and by the 1950s attracted up to 1.4 million visitors. It was put on by government agencies and served an educational purpose, introducing consumers to new types of appliance and new materials. The exhibition introduced modern concepts of home layout, with the kitchen moved from the back of the apartment to a central position near the entrance and near the dining and living room(s). Ergonomically designed kitchens and labor-saving devices minimized the effort required of housewives. The last exhibition was held in 1983.

This poster is linen backed and signed in the plate. It is in great condition with very minor signs of handling, aging, or original printing defects. It is not dated.

19.5” x 27.5” whole piece of linen
15.5” x 21” image only